Sponsor Payment

  • PayPal on this website;
  • Cheque payable to the Federation forwarded to:

Matthew Latimer, Executive Director
Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers
307-70 Forest Manor Rd.
Toronto, ON M2J 0A9

Event Passes

If your sponsorship includes an event pass(es), name badges will be available at the registration desk. Please e-mail passholder name(s) to us at admin@fmfd.ca with the Subject line: Sponsor Registration
Please include:

  • the name of the person, and
  • the name of the company. 


If your sponsorship includes a booth, please let us know by March 1st whether or not you plan on using it. 

Booth Location

The room’s floor plan can be found here as of April 10th. If you require an outlet for your booth, please let us know prior to April 2nd.

Booth Materials

All booth materials, including should be shipped to arrive before the end of business on Monday, April 19th. Please address to: 


Shipping Label

Please print the shipping label, 
Please fill in the items in red (specific to your event name etc.).   These are shipping labels so that the venue knows how many boxes should be with each sponsors shipment. Please ensure you complete the shipping label with the amount of boxes included.  We ask that once you have sent your shipment, you email stating the amount of boxes/items sent.

If you are planning on bringing all the above with you on the day of the conference, please let us know so that we don’t worry!

Your delivery people will be able to park in the loading dock and can take the freight elevator to the 7th floor. Delivery personnel will see the dock master to get a security pass.

Please see map for directions to the loading dock, click here. further information regarding the loading dock times and rules are on the equipment list below.

Please be aware that the Carlu does not have dollies and exhibitors should bring means to transport material.

Post Event 

If you need material picked up – please complete your own waybills and communicate with your couriers a time and date to pick up items from the Carlu, and advise Carlu staff.

Equipment List 

Please see the following information if you require AV equipment for your booth as well as further loading dock information. 
Please note sponsors are responsible for any rental costs they have in addition to what is being offered as part of the booth (1 table, 2 chairs, outlet access if required). Please inform us if you do require an outlet so that we can have it ready for you.

Delegates love draws for great stuff and we hope that you will be able to provide a prize for the draws that will be held during closing ceremonies. 
The Federation’s ED Sandra Kegie will supervise the sponsor’s draws during the agenda’s last session.  We will announce the winners during the closing remarks.

Note:  Sponsors please do not enter another sponsor’s draw.

Corporate Name and Logos

In order for us to correctly reflect your name and logo on our materials, please let me know: 
–       Your corporate name as you would like it to appear 
–       Provide your logo in a non-pdf format (jpeg preferred)
–       Please advise if you have any rules or restrictions around your name appearing with/without your logo or your logo appearing with/without your name

Day of the Conference

You may gain access to the venue at 6:30 a.m. in order to set up.  As breakfast starts at 8:00 we would encourage you to be set up and ready to go by no later than 8:00 a.m.  Once delegates register in the reception/registration area they will be directed into the sponsorship room which is where all food service will be located.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Event Coordinator for the Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers 2020 Conference

Matthew Latimer, Executive Director
(647) 772-4268