The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers’ 9th Annual Conference

The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers (the “Federation”) is an association of Canadian mutual fund dealers and industry participants who, since 1996, has been working for its Members to strengthen and sustain the industry. We are currently celebrating our 24th year of successful collaboration with industry stakeholders for the benefit of the investment industry as a whole.

This is the 9th Annual Conference held by the Federation, successfully leading the way on industry trends, change, and the future of our channel. This year’s theme ‘Aiming At Value’ is our effort to put forward relevant and timely information on where financial planners can focus their efforts to successfully ride through these turbulent times of fee compression, highly active regulators, and a market late in the business cycle.

The Federation represents dealer firms with over $125 billion of assets under administration and over 24 thousand licensed advisors that provide financial services to over 3.8 million Canadians. Our Affiliate Members have a keen interest in our industry’s activities and bring valuable perspective.

Our mandate is to ensure that the interests and views of mutual dealers are clearly represented in our industry, with a sharper focus on viability/sustainability issues.

Mutual fund dealers must maintain a strong and united voice as we move forward in this changing business environment. Our website continues to develop as a tool for communication as well as an invaluable source of information for members.